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Win a Free iPhone Software Unlock

Illustration for article titled Win a Free iPhone Software Unlock

We showed you how the iPhone software unlock worked on video and now the Giz has five free iPhone Sim Free unlock licenses so you can try it for yourself. If you win the contest, that is. Read the rules and participate after the jump.


You just have to answer two simple questions, right here in the comments. (Warning: any answer sent to tips or any of the editors will be ignored.)

If you could call anyone in the world with your newly unlocked iPhone —anyone from anywhere in time and space— who would you call? And what would you say?

Be creative, be fun, be whatever you want, Fight Club style. The Giz team will read your replies and pick the five best answers at the end of this week.

All the standard rules apply and you must have an iPhone to participate. Having an iPhone is a must because the free unlock license is tied to your iPhone identification number, so selling these licenses on eBay won't be possible.


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I would call the guy who invented the cell phone and tell him there's no future in it thus causing future generations of teens to actually drive while looking at the road.