Wind-Powered Cellphone Charger, Plus an Energy Joke

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Since we're all such gadget freaks here, we're guessing that you use just a bit more electricity than the average Joe. So take a look at what wireless provider Orange is coming out with, a wind-powered cellphone charger. Best of all, it's really light (150g) and tiny so it should be very easy to take with you. Although there's no word yet on the exact energy specs.


And now with this final piece of the puzzle, our dream to be able to blog all day from the park is complete. EV-DO? Check. Solar-powered laptop charger? Check. Now all we need is this wind-powered cellphone charger and we will be unstoppable. Too bad it's only a prototype for now. Now for the joke.

What Did the Wind-Powered Charger Say to the Cellphone? Blow me. Badump, bump, tish!.

Orange Harnesses Wind to Power Charger [UberGizmo]


You'd have to see the energy output to compare this to solar. Still, I have my doubts that anything that small is going to put out 5W, or whatever a solar charger does, without a really strong wind. Also, being lightweight is not a feature for something you want freely standing in the wind. If it's priced reasonably, though, I might pick it up to power other things while out camping at night.