Windows 10 Could Mean Never Typing a Password Again

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Biometric security is a feature already found on lots of mobile phones and tablets and it's getting better and better, but Microsoft wants to bring the tech front and center on Windows 10, using fingerprint, faces, and even your irises to completely kill the password once and for all.

The two new features, Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, act as a tag team to make sure your Windows device stays secure but also provides the convenience of password-free login. Using infrared technology gleaned from the Xbox's Kinect camera, Windows 10 laptops will automatically log you in once your face or iris is recognized.

Once you're inside and trawling around the web, Passport will also authenticate you without having to send a shared password to a remote server. This won't work with every single website you visit (so yes, some passwords are sticking around), but Microsoft is striking up partnerships in order for Passport to cast a wider net.


"The key is actually bound in hardware to my device, so the only way a hacker can use my identity is to actually steal the device," says Dustin Ingalls, part of the Windows security team."When you use Microsoft Passport with Windows Hello, not only does the attacker have to steal my device, but they also have to use my biometric—like my face, fingerprint, or iris—which is super challenging."

Clearly Microsoft has never seen those ultra realistic masks from Mission Impossible.


Just yesterday, we heard how Microsoft is going to slim down Windows 10 in an effort to make cheap Windows machines even better. Now, Microsoft is bring next-gen security to its forthcoming operating system. I think we can safely put the worries of a Windows 8 repeat behind us. [Windows Blog]