Windows 3.x Discontinued

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Believe it or not, up to November 1st many could and still were buying licenses for Windows 3.x (mainly for embedded systems like cash registers and airline entertainment systems from companies like Virgin). But on that day, Microsoft discontinued their licensing of the product. After 18 years, the iconic Windows platform is no more.Requirements for the OS included a 8086/8088 processor with clock speed of 10MHz, 7MB of storage (better move Police Quest to a floppy) and 640KB of RAM. And when you realize that Vista requires a minimum of 1GHz processor and 20GB of storage, it's easy to see why at least some low end systems will miss the platform...until they just grab a copy of Linux instead. [BBC via Slashdot and image]


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Firstly, yayy, thanks Gizmodo: I can now post comments from my iPhone when I should be working.

Secondly, anybody ever see how fast 3.1 would run on a much more modern system?like a 300MHz Pentium with huge memory? Like 32MB? Wow. Kinda like we'll be saying about Vista on a current machine in 5 years or so?