Windows 7 Beta Now Available to Everyone

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The free Windows 7 Beta has gone live for the first 2.5 million downloaders. Keep in mind that the beta will expire on August 1st, so you will need to reinstall a commercial version. Updated 8:10 PM EST

Sure, 2.5 million seems like a lot, but those downloads will go quickly—so get on it ASAP (and expect the site to be overloaded). If you do miss out, no worries. You can still pick up the download on BitTorrent.


UPDATE 12:10 PST: Apparently there was some confusion regarding the start times. Word is that downloading would begin at 12 Noon PST / 3PM EST. That time has passed with no change—so you might want to keep checking back in.

UPDATE 2:00 PST: Lifehacker is reporting that the Microsoft 7 beta has been pulled due to to the unexpected strain on their servers. While they shore things up, there is no ETA on product keys.

UPDATE 5:05 PST: The official Windows 7 beta download link is still down, but Lifehacker has managed to track down the direct download links to the 32-bit and 64-bit version. [Microsoft]

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Word to the wise folks, check the multiple windows you are hitting refresh on. The key page has the header "Windows 7 Beta 32 Bit" on it just like the error one does