Windows 7 To Be Released Ahead of Schedule?

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According to insiders and Microsoft partners, a "Milestone 1 code drop" has been released of the next-gen Windows OS. This, along with an updated roadmap leaked to TGDaily, points to a release window of 2nd Half 2009. Among the new features seen in the really, really early M1 release are combining multiple graphics cards from different vendors into one graphics system, and a new version of Media Center. It's still unclear when the first beta versions will be available (meaning when the developer community at large will be able to test it), but guesses point to early 2009. COME AND GET IT! [TGDaily via Electronista]

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The big manufacturers are a great way to get your OS to the public. But this just hasn't been enough for MS this time. Vista did not gain the respect of the general techie. You know, the people you call when you need help, build your computers for you, etc. Even the mom and pop computer stores won't recommend Vista. My new Dell laptop ran like a slug with Vista on it. But after installing XP, it runs like a scalded dog.

MS needs to start from scratch or close to it and make something fast and not bloated. That will gain respect.