Windows Live for Mobile Hits Nokia S60 Phones

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If you play in the Windows Live sandbox (Hotmail, Messenger, Live Contacts and Spaces) and use a Nokia S60 phone, your life just got easier. Available today in a whole buncha places it wasn't before, the Windows Live app for S60 syncs your Live contacts and Hotmail account with the phone's address book and mail client (not push though), and lets you do pretty much all the regular Messenger stuff from your phone, like send pictures or files. And it's all intemagrated. If you wind up installing, let us know how it goes. [Windows Live]



@hmooby: I think a lot of the criticism was about the way it looks, as in, this phone looks like shit. To whatever degree of shame this phone puts others to makes no nevermind to me, as it still, in the end, looks like shit.