Windows Marketplace Will Be the Only Source For Windows Phone 7 Apps

What many feared (or briefly thought about without much emotion either way) has turned out to be true: Microsoft PR has confirmed that Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be the only source for Windows Phone 7 apps, meaning that you can't sideload apps, and that Microsoft will be the sole gatekeeper for all apps on the platform. This is how the iPhone App Store works, and more importantly, not how Windows Mobile, even with the 6.x Marketplace, has ever worked.

More info on Windows Phone 7 here.

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Right, that decides it. I'm going with the Palm Pre Plus (or maybe Android). Microsoft was doing *so* well until this. While it may not be disastrous (Microsoft has always treated their partners better than Apple), I still don't want anything to do with a locked down ecosystem and gatekeepers that are high are their own fumes.