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Windows Mobile 7 May Power Mini Laptops, Says Qualcomm

Illustration for article titled Windows Mobile 7 May Power Mini Laptops, Says Qualcomm

Qualcomm displayed a 3G, $299 mini-laptop today made by Inventec that is supposedly designed to run Windows Mobile 7 in the future (it runs Linux now). Windows Mobile 7, which supports Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset, will in turn make the company more competitive in the mini-laptop space processor that's currently being dominated by Intel, AMD and Via. This meshes with what NVidia says about its Tegra processors being in Windows Mobile devices, meaning that WM7 could be Microsoft's way of covering both phones and mini-laptops with the same OS. [Yahoo]


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Didn't find your attempt at a facetious comment to be very funny. Nice try though.

On the software side; however, it does look like Windows mobile will be "ripping off" quite a few key features from the iPhone OS.