Windows Mobile 7 Screenshots Leak: Where's the Start Button?

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PocketNow got ahold of some screenshots apparently culled from WinMo 7, since they look a little flashy and aesthetically different from WinMo 6.5—and that's definitely a good thing.

The shots are branded Windows 6.5.1, but as PocketNow says, we know what 6.5.1 looks like and it definitely doesn't share the modern, finger-sized aesthetic of these shots. The screenshots cover basics like the call screen, contacts list, mail, and on-screen keyboard, and all in all it looks substantially more modern (read: Similar to Android, iPhone, WebOS) than WinMo ever has before. Interestingly, the trademark Windows Start button appears to be a no-show: Is this a conscious choice to move away from the WinMo of the past? [PocketNow]