Windows Mobile Running on an iPhone

Click to viewCall it what you will: immoral, unethical, unholy—it appears that a Norwegian developer by the name of Erik Kristiansen has actually managed to pull off Windows Mobile running on an iPhone. The video of the OS is booting on a 3G is convincing enough, but the extremely bizarre exchange between this "reporter" and Kristiansen at the myPhone2008 conference is enough to bring its validity into question. We shall find out soon enough—Kristainsen claims that the hack is currently in beta with a January release in the works. [myPhone2008]


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Wow.. It's kinda funny how hacked Iphones are SOOOO much better than the real thing.

Also, to the reporter, putting [] on an Iphone wasn't and isn't impossible. When it comes to hacking, nothing is impossible, it's only a matter of "When".