Windows Phones Should Be a Lot Cheaper Next Year

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Microsoft's finally getting serious about making Windows Phone a legit mobile contender, and it's going to do it by making them way cheaper and easier to produce. Ballmer's boys are working with Qualcomm to get prices per phone under $200, less than half of the $400 they cost to build last year.


Qualcomm's the exclusive Windows Phone chipmaker, which means that Microsoft can work with it directly to make chips that work well with the Windows Phone software—similar to how Apple's hardware and software are so well integrated. It also means Microsoft can nudge the chipmaker to use make chips that are less expensive for phone manufacturers. That should mean lower prices for consumers, though whether the phone makers actually pass on the savings remains up to them. [BusinessWeek]



I don't want a cheaper WP7 phone. I want a top-of-the-line version, where the hardware (especially the camera) can stack up to an iPhone 4s. I want excellent design and ergnomics, high quality camers, fast cpu, expandable memory (I want at least 32GB storage, 48GB or 64GB all the better), great call quality, great speakers, a high-res screen with deep, vibrant colors from all viewing angles, scratch/crack resistant, etc.