Windows Vista Was Awesome, Don't You Remember?

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The funny thing about Windows Vista is that the vast majority of launch reviews were really positive, just like the current ones for Windows 7, before it turned into an object of deep fear and intense loathing.


Technologizer excavated the reviews from every major publication of the time, and the early reactions are kind of amazing given how people felt about Vista just a few months after launch (the Walt Street Journal's Walt Mossberg called it "the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced"). Only Forbes' Stephen Manes' ventured that Vista is "at best mildly annoying and at worst makes you want to rush to Redmond, Wash. and rip somebody's liver out."

Given the massive public beta for Windows 7 and all of the telemetry data Microsoft's been able to gather before launch (among a ton of other factors), I really doubt 7's gonna be Vista all over again, even if Steve Ballmer himself feels the need to leave Microsoft a little bit of room to maneuver. Still, Vista's a solid illustration of how different a product can be for a handful of isolated reviewers than it turns out to be for everybody else. [Technologizer]


Don't mind me

Yeah, sure, Apple's incredibly effective digs on Vista were successful... pre-SP1 was somewhat of a nightmare if you didn't coax the OS along and had rubbish hardware... But it boiled down to the every-other effect.

A step back in history shows that Windows 95 was the first decent OS people ran. It was rubbish. 98 was the next to be released and was MS's first real holy grail.

ME came out and people hated it. I hated it. I still have cold sweats over it at night. 2000 kind of coincided with ME, but it wasn't really marketed to the consumer.. so it doesn't really count.

XP came to the rescue. It looked good, ran well.. Holy grail #2.

Vista - bust. It's just following the natural cycle and was doomed the day it was announced.

7 - I'm the proud owner of an MSDNAA Professional RTM version and one of the Win 7 Ultimate Signature editions (waiting for my new rig, due to be built this weekend). I'm in love.

In love, I tell you.