Winter is rhyming in Adam WarRock's Game of Thrones rap

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Geek rapper extraordinaire Adam WarRock has turned his pop cultural lyricism toward Game of Thrones, creating an unironic musical tribute to show. Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen each get their turn to shine in rhyme.

If you aren't familiar with WarRock's work, mosey on over to his website, where you can download many of his songs for free and hear him rap about everything from Space Ghost to Serenity.


Here's the chorus to his Game of Thrones rap, "When the Winter Comes":

You either win or you die
That's the price of the game
And we only pray to death
By saying "Not today"
See the blade that I wield, that's valyrian steel
See the horse that i rode, see the banner I hold, oh
You either win or you die,
That's the price of the game
And we only pray to death by saying "Not Today"
See the throne that I sit, see my family tree
Because they say the winter's coming,
this is how it has to be….
In the game..


WarRock has posted the full lyrics here. This song is available as a free download, and you can support WarRock by buying his most recent album or his new EP, coming out on May 14th.

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