Wired's Open Phone Round-Up Tells the Bleak Truth

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Rob Beschizza, lead blogger at Wired's Gadgetlab, has a popular article up glancing at the world of open source and unlocked phones like the Neo1973 from OpenMoko and Nokia's N series tablets. It does feel good to read about the theoretical of openness of these phones, some available now but not that open, some coming soon. But the truth seems to be that none of these are as polished as Apple's (even the Moto and Nokia examples here). And even for Apple's, the programs came quite quickly from those already familiar with writing for OS X. The energy in a device's dev community, recognized or not, is not to be underestimated in the success of it. That's more important than any official thumbs up by the manufacturers. Openness in a phone counts for nothing if no one gives a shit about it. [Wired]



All in all, i would say, each one is polished to the highest standards for what their customers expect, and the only thing we can tell is that it can be hard to adjust to a different interface, specially from one you like and cant find any faults with.

I guess in that sense, phones are a lot like your favorite pair of blue pants.