This 3,000-square-foot dock is on Storm Bay in Ontario is so awesome, but unfortunately because of the recession, the guy who owns it couldn't afford to build a house to go with it. But hey, it's basically the size of a house anyway.

The port has a fixed extruded aluminum plank boardwalk that leads to a floating dock area. There's a slip for two boats down below and an airy lounge up top with 25-foot-wide retractable roller screens that offer some sweet lake views. The dock is dressed in aluminum siding that bounces light off the water quite nicely, and camouflages it among snow and ice in the winter months. The look is reminiscent of classic car garages of the 1950s. Sure, a dock is probably not a smart thing to build in an economic downturn, but if things get worse you could always just live on the water. [Architizer]