Witness The Secret Lives of Star Wars Toys

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For everyone who grew up collecting Star Wars figures, the website Star Wars Figures Doing What They Do Best may trigger more than a few memories. Click through for some great photographs of our childhood playthings.

The site's psuedonym-d creator, Really Childish, explains,

The Star Wars Action Figures in my house get anxious if they're stored in the closet for extended periods. They like to get out and strut a bit. And when they do my role is simply to observe and report.

The collection covered in these pages is for the most part vintage, originating during the revered 1977 to 1985 era. Some are from the 1990's. And some are newer still. I wish I could say that the vintage crew were all mine since childhood. I did actually collect and play with most of those great toys as a child. But – cursed by a blinding fog of pre-teen angst and hormones – I burned, blew-up, deconstructed, reconstructed, and otherwise trashed that collection in late summer 1982. So these figures were all acquired more recently through the miracle of eBay.


We're in love with this site, and these photographs... And hoping to see someone do the same for their Transformers and GI Joe collections, as well.