Guy Builds Giant Spirograph, Takes Chalk Art To the Next Level

Over on imgur a user with the alias 'hababird'—aka Nathan Pryor—has posted a gallery of images showing the step-by-step process he went through to create a gigantic eight-foot wide wooden Spirograph set that uses chunky pieces of chalk to create intricate artwork on streets and sidewalks.


Normally you can't wait to take a hose to a kid's crappy driveway chalk art as soon as they've moved on to another distraction, but these artistic creations might actually add to a home's curb appeal. And if not, the rain will eventually wash them away for you.

There's no word on if Nathan has any intentions of releasing plans or schematics for others to build a giant Spirograph of their own, but his step-by-step photos are detailed enough for anyone who's handy with power tools to endeavor to build their own. [Haha Bird via Coudal]

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