Woman Sells Three-Year-Old Chicken McNugget for $8,000 On eBay

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Rebekah Speight of Dakota City found this McDonald's Chicken McNugget three years ago. She thought it looked like President George Washington and she put it in the freezer—as you do in these cases. Now, she's trying to sell it to get 50 kids to summer camp.

She put it on eBay last week. When the auction finished on Monday, she got a winner. Someone who wanted to pay $8,100 for it. Sadly, that didn't work out at the end. The buyer chickened out. Got cold feet. But the second highest bidder—who offered $8,000—is still there, ready to grab some chicken-flavored deep-fried cardboard that resembles the effigy of the first President of the United States.

Which brings me to an important subject: McDonald's Chicken Presidents. Ronald, listen up you clown, we are onto something here. Feed people and teaching them history. You know. Buy a box of Presidents and get the kids to identify them as a game just before dipping them into that delicious sweet-n-sour sauce.


It's a great idea. And I want to eat a Nixon. [Sioux City Journal]