Woman's Public Plea After Reptile Triggers Doorbell Cam: 'Someone PLEASE Come Get This Snake'

Gif: Makenze Bullins (Facebook)

Last week, Kansas resident Makenze Bullins got an alert on her smartwatch telling her someone was at her door. What she didn’t know then that her Nest Hello doorbell camera was actually picking up a friendly resident snake.


Bullins told local CBS affiliate KWCH12 that she asked her husband to check it out, and when he looked at the footage he saw the cute reptile peeking into the camera, probably trying to find out if anyone was home.

The snake continued to slither around the camera, which sent Bullins multiple alerts.

Bullins posted the videos on Facebook with four “SOS” emojis and the following caption: “This is NO JOKE!!...I’m at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!”

She later added an update saying that a friend had relocated the snake, even though she believes the cute critter is “better off dead.”

Gizmodo tried to speak with Bullins to better understand her feelings toward the photogenic serpent, but she did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Todd Volkmann from the Great Plains Nature Center told KWCH12 that the reptile is a western rat snake, which aren’t poisonous, but do bite. Volkmann noticed bird sounds in the video and suspects the snake was looking for bird eggs around the door.


But we maintain the snake looks like it just wanted to make a new friend or cuddle.



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That snake is much cuter than some of those aggressively religious snakes.