Wood You Believe?

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We knew things were getting bad in Serbia, but this is ridiculous. Our beloved blogging brothers-in-arms from Jalopnik tell us about a Serbian Yugo with a rather unusual fuel source. Instead of pulling the car along with horses, somebody tapped into a different kind of 125-year-old technology and ended up with a car that's faster than the original—which is not a tall order when you're talking about a Yugo. That anachronistic-looking smokestack on the back of the car uses wood gas for fuel. The idea here is that wood doesn't burn completely, and emits hydrogen and methane is a byproduct. Hey, isn't that stuff flammable? Yep. Put it in a conventional internal combustion engine, you have a special fuel that gets the job done. You laugh. Someday we may be looking for the plans for this thing.

Wood a Gas: Serbian Yugo Powered by Wood-Gas [Jalopnik]


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