Wooden Pinhole Camera Makes Art, Is Art

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Sure, it looks like a speaker cabinet, or mysterious piece of nautical equipment, but what you're looking at is actually a pinhole camera from Kurt Mottweiller Studios.


The P90 is a lensless, medium format cameras are handmade from cherry, brass, and anodized aluminum in Portland, Oregon. It has a gracefully curving frontside, with a field of view that covers almost 90 degrees on 6 x 9 film. The pinhole is located at the front of a curved film plane, which makes the images evenly bright from edge to edge, and gives them a curvilinear perspective. Oh. And even better? It takes some really amazing photographs. It's back in production for the fist time since 2007, and it will set you back more than $1000. But, hey, you can't put a price on art.

[Kurt Mottweiller Studio Via Make]

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I would rather have Ten 100 dollar bills framed on the wall. it's art, but in a pinch you can use it....