In the clip you're about to see, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il lock lips to the theme song of an erotic video game. That's sort of the punchline. Here's how we got there:

"My Boyfriend Is the President" is a risque video game (or eroge) out of Japan. Of course, the game has its own trailer and whiny theme song, seen here:

Naturally, dating a president is a rich theme full of narrative weight—anyone who's seen Rob Reiner's The American President can attest to that. So the clip featuring Obama, Hilary, Hatoyama, the Putinator and Kim Jong-il is a fan-made remix of a video game that explores the excitement and turmoil of porking a president. And in that context, it almost begins to reach a semblance of sense. [Yamatologic via Japan Probe via CrunchGear]