"Working" Apple iPhone Costumes Just Plain Win

Powered by a car battery and full-size 42-inch LCD TVs, these working iPhone Halloween costumes from Apple costume savants "Reko and John" are surely iPhone fanaticism manifested in physical form. Updated.


Amazingly, this is not the first time the Savio created human-sized iPhone costumes. In 2007, with the help of Bobby Hartman, that duo crafted smaller and simpler versions with 37-in. screens that could only display looped videos of real iPhone screens in use.

This year, however, shit got real:

With some heavy researching and some solid determination [John] Savio finally found a solution. He managed to modify the software on the iPhone to allow a live dual image output to the large 42" lcd tv while maintaining the image in landscape mode [...] The team has about $2000 into the two costumes and has no regrets

Two grand for one night of incredibly geeky fun. Did I mention each of these weigh 85 pounds?

Dudes got to work on their high fives though. Napoleon Dynamite there got left hanging something fierce.

Update: Corrected the creators' names for this version and the 2007 version. Thanks for the heads-up, Amanda. [YouTube via Mac Rumors via TUAW]



The perfect size iPhone for the giant at the top of the bean stalk - unfortunately, the AT&T coverage up there is limited to a single cloud. #iphone