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World's Fastest Toilet is Jet-Propelled, not Powered by Farts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, Flame Grill my Whopper and call it Professor Caractacus Potts! Is there nothing sacred any more? Not even those precious moments when a man wants a little peace in the world so that he can go about his daily business without being disturbed? It seems not, but then the British always were a little strange. This is, apparently, the world's fastest toilet. Powered by a Boeing Jet engine, the $10,000 vehicle's top speed is in excess of 70mph, and it farts flames from its tailpipe - rather like, I would imagine, a man forced to eat ten vindaloos one after another.

There's a video, as well another pic of the flaming khazi in action and its inventor, Paul Stender, all after the jump.


On the day when we remember Walter Schirra, let us also salute mechanic Paul Stender, without whom we would not be able to use clichés such as "To Boldly Go" and have them mean something completely different.

Hold onto your Trousers... It's the world's fastest Loo