World's First Prosthetic Dog Paw Surgery Completed

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A dog in England who had a tumor on his leg and had to have his paw amputated received a metallic replacement foot recently in a landmark veterinary surgery. Not only is it the first pet to ever receive a prosthetic limb, but the surgery was a sign of things to come for human prosthetic limbs in that the dog's skin will grow over the prosthetic.


The metal used mimics the material in deer antlers, providing a strong seal with the dog's skin. Unfortunately, the article doesn't really go into detail as to how this will translate to human surgeries, but any advancement in science that will allow people to have more realistic and usable fake limbs is A-OK with us. [Telegraph via Spulch]

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I'd want an iPhone hand. With like attachments for a cordless drill and a espresso machine. Oh and a protocol analyzer.

OTOH I really cant wait until I can get vat grown tranplants. My knees and feet are shot from skateboarding. Heck I have a laubdry list of organs that need upgrading. (except, you know, no complaints there)