World's Most Powerful Industrial Robot Can Lift Entire Car Frames, Tear Apart Several Humans at Once

Leave it to the Germans to invade Poland or create Titan, the world's strongest industrial robot. They can go either way: One day they are in Krakow, and the next their robot lifts a ton.

Titan—which has a payload of one ton and can reach 10.5 feet— is made by Kuka Roboter GmbH. What does this mean: Using a total of nine motors, it can lift five times its own weight, and can manipulate almost anything you can throw at it in a factory. This includes tasks that previous to its release in 2007, required two robots, like raising the frame for an entire car completely unaided. All while maintaining full positioning precision in 3D space, according to the company.


To give you another idea of its power: The second axis of the Titan—powered by two motors—can withstand a static torque of 60,000 newton meters. Any powerful car would only develop 600 Nm. [Kuka]

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