World's Tallest Building Burj Khalifa Gets Shut Down

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Is the new world's tallest building going through some issues? While so far only the observation deck is open, it's been temporarily shut down due to "unexpected high traffic" and "electrical problems." Ruh roh!


Residential and commercial tenants are due to start moving in this month, but it's not clear just what the problems are with the building that's keeping it closed up. Will there be a delay? Will it turn into a big, empty symbol of overdevelopment? Or did something just get screwed up with the elevators that they're now fixing? I don't know, but it all makes me glad I live and work nice and close to the ground. [Houston Chronicle via Fast Company]

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what a total waste of energy and for what? i feel ashamed that people are dying and hungry elsewhere and some of that money spent building this could have gone to better causes. and what happens if the elevators are not working on a given day, I hate to be stuck somewhere that high and forced to take the stairs...