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World's Wackiest Vehicles According to Uber-Review

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Uber-Review is promoting a neat feature it held way back in 2006, which shows ten of the craziest racers they could find on the old tubes. The list is a compilation of some of the vehicles we have seen before, but it is great to have them all in one place. Some of the speeding goodies include the Pac Man Car, Surface Orbiter, Rocket Bike and a bevy of others. The Hemi Trike is pictured above, which we think you will agree is completely ridiculous, but then again, it's not quite as ludicrous as the Jet Powered Beetle. Oh yes, there's a jet that spins up to 26,000 rpm when activated—crazy. Jump to check it out.


Be sure to hit up the link to see the rest of the insane inventions in all their retro glory. [Uber-Review]