Worst Ever Internet Business Ideas

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Ever since the Web found its way into every Tom, Dick and Harry's hands a few years ago, there's been a slew of dimwitted startups that have failed miserably. Who could forget CyberRebate.com, where they charged insanely high prices for items but then offered a series of rebates that would often nullify the high cost? Word is that the company hoped customers wouldn't bother to fill out all the rebate forms and would turn a profit because of people's laziness. Yeah, that never happened.

Or what about Microsoft's bright idea for an Internet-ready outdoor bathroom, dubbed the iLoo? This was an idea born in Microsoft's MSN UK in 2003 division for a local music festival, but people apparently didn't take to well to the idea of surfing the Internet from the bathroom. (Wi-Fi seems to have filled this void quite nicely, however.)

The iSmell from Digiscents, Inc. promised to bring all the pleasant odors of the Web right to your nostrils via some atrocious looking USB device. As one might expect, this idea went over about as well as naming something the "Wii." (Whoops. Sorry, Nintendo.)


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