Would You Go For A Ride On This Massive Slip 'n Slide On A City Street?

British artist Luke Jerram wants to take over a Bristol high street for an afternoon to set up a massive, 90-meter-long wet and wild joyride. Would you give it a try?

Park and Slide is planned as part of the local council's Make Sunday Special initiative, organizing events for car-free jolly good times, and would be free and open to the public for a single day in May.


Or, it will be free—once it's crowdfunded. The campaign to make it happen is currently up and running, but considering they've got over a month to go and have already collected well over half their target, it does indeed look like a wee bit of England wants to get super soaked.

Apparently there's already been a test-run that went off without a hitch—which is great! Because I'll be damned if I don't remember some major Slip 'N Slide fails from my own youth, and that was on a very small grassy patch at my grandparents' house. I'm also wondering whether folks would strip down to a swimsuit or just jamalam in jeans and a t-shirt like in these promo pics? We'll see! I'll admit to being skeptical, as this doesn't seem safe at all (wah wah), but am interested to check out how things go if and when this thing splashes down on the pavement. [Co.Design]


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