Would You Wear Your iPhone As Part Of Your Shirt?

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What would you think of a Kickstarter project that lets you wear your iPhone on your shirt without velcro, straps or magnets? You would think it was nutty idea that puts your iPhone in peril. But it's not.


The Move is an iPhone case that you wear under your clothing. The iPhone snaps into the case from the outside, creating a sandwich that includes your phone, your clothing and the case. The fabric tension from your clothing helps anchor the iPhone securely in the case. The fit is so snug you can run, walk or bike with your iPhone attached anywhere on your clothing.

The concept is interesting, but I'm not going to let fabric tension hold in my $600 iPhone while I hike Mount Washington. If you don't mind living with a little risk, you can place your donation at Kickstarter and be one of the first to literally wear your iPhone on your sleeve. [The Move via TechCrunch]


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Organized Chaos

Immediately after reading the article about the world's steepest roller coaster, I thought to myself how nice it would be to somehow be able to secure your camera phone to your chest to video such an occasion without having to hold it. Sure the proper occasions may be limited, but at least there are plenty of roller coasters out there. Although, I would prefer a much more secure method than this for such occasions.