Wow, the winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest are unreal

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National Geographic just announced the winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest for 2014. They're all so fantastic you'd swear they aren't real. Like the one above, which is so fantastic that it looks like a photoshop. But it is real—a stunning picture by Marc Henauer of Green Lake in Tragöss, Austria.

Every spring, the water level of the lake rises about 33 feet for a few weeks, which causes things that were above ground—trails, meadows and trees—to suddenly become underwater. It's a beautiful.

You can see more photographs from National Geographic here.


Below is a photo by Evan Cole. It shows a Touareg guide resting in the Sahara desert. It takes 45 minutes to climb to the top and 10 minutes to get back down. Fun!


Marko Korošec took the photo below:


And Byron Inggs totally nailed this shot of a horse basking in the sunlight. It's like a pin-up photo, but for a horse.


Check out the other winners of the photography contest at National Geographic.

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