WowWee Dragonfly On Sale Now for $49

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Shaq's finally going to get his oversized clown hands on the WowWee Dragonfly RC robot now that Radio Shack has them in stock. $49.99 and some change will get you a green Dragonfly that you can steer around and dive bomb pigeons with.

For Valentines, you can even load up a ring on it and ram it into your girlfriend's head as a romantic way of proposing.

Product Page [Radioshack via Robots Rule via Slashgear]

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Wow! I can't wait to fly this around in the West Nile virology lab across the hall. I'm actually a big fan to the Pico, and this is going to be even cooler, but it looks pretty clumsy. The sound of the wings flapping will be certain to strike fear in the neighborhood todlers. Yes!