Most ruled journals out there are printed with lines that run from left to right, straight across the page. Pretty standard. Very straightforward. Somewhat sober. Then there's this Inspiration Pad, a composition book on an acid trip. Lines akimbo. This thing is high as hell.

Each spread offers a completely different pattern—from perfect geometries to whirling swirls to subtle tweaks on the traditional style—but each is somehow familiar because of the blue-and-pink-on-white color scheme.

They look like the kind of thing you've spent years of your life scrawling on, even when they don't.

Will you pen the next Great American Novel in this thing? Maybe not. Will you free your mind a bit, and experiment with new ways of recording your genius ideas? Yes. Yes you will. They're currently sold out, but you'll soon be able to buy yours here for about $30. [Colossal]