WSJ Confirms Barnes & Noble "Nook" Reader Price at $259

Illustration for article titled WSJ Confirms Barnes & Noble "Nook" Reader Price at $259

According to the WSJ, the Barnes & Noble reader will be announced tomorrow at $259. The descriptions match our exclusive photos exactly. They found the device through a premature ad shown on the NYTimes website! Who scooped who here?


Features of the Nook include a wireless connection to download books from the retailer's online e-bookstore and an e-paper display from E-Ink Corp. that is separate from the color controls.

The only discrepancy we've found with our original story is that B&N was not priced lower than the Kindle, as our sources said it might be. It's tied at $259. But given the lending feature and color screen, a price match may be more than enough to compete with.

They also reveal the name as "Nook". It's kind of a dumb name. [WSJ via Engadget]



Nook is going to be seen not as sourced from "[search in every] nook and cranny" but from "not a book". Stupid name really.

And $259 is still too expensive. I don't care about carrying 100 novels around at once because I'm only going to read one book at a time for pleasure. I don't search the books I read for pleasure, nor do I want to be restricted by DRM. I can stop off at a bookstore on my way home from work and be in-and-out with whatever just came out in 5 minutes, including parking.

So why would I pay $259 for this? #barnesandnoblesreader