WSJ: The iPhone 5 Will Be Thinner, Lighter and...Complicated?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next iPhone is going to be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4, which isn't exactly unexpected. But apparently, being thinner and lighter is making the next iPhone a pain to make.

Citing suppliers of components to Apple, the WSJ also says the next iPhone will pack a 8-megapixel camera and use Qualcomm wireless baseband chips. Most interestingly though, is that two of their sources claim that the next iPhone is "complicated and difficult to assemble." Which means initial production may be lower than expected or the launch could be delayed altogether (though it can't really be delayed if it hasn't been announced, right?) [WSJ]


I hope they start focusing on better battery lives. Because if anybody can draw the market into the era of weeklong battery lives, it's gonna be Apple. But only if they're willing.