X-Box 360 HD-DVD Player to Drop to $50

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A rather delicious little titbit is doing the rounds that Microsoft is going to drop its 360 HD-DVD player to $50. According to Ars Technica's Microsoft mole—they say he's always on the button with news—the add-on player's price was due to drop yesterday, February 21. No confirmation as yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled. [Ars Technica via Kotaku]



Broken Machine

@wjousts: For those of us with media, this add-on lets us back-burner the discs, and still use them. I have 10 HD-DVDs and I will not likely be getting them replaced on BluRay. I can get rid of the HD-DVD player (HD-A2) I have and free up resources in the receiver and TV. By hooking it into my HTPC, I can watch it upstairs or downstairs, and bury the unit under the floorboards in the basement (it's cheaper than a PC drive).