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Everyone knows the Xbox 360 has been crashing—it doesn't happen to everyone, but some gamers are seeing PGR3 come to a screeching halt every 20 minutes. Thanks to a series of scientific experiments involving string and cardboard boxes, the readers of GameSpot figured a workaround that solves the problem. My 360 was crashing a lot (like once every 20 minutes). So I took the power supply off the ground and suspended it in the air with some string. I have been playing for about 3 hours straight and no crashes so far!

EDIT: I found an easier way to do this. I got a box with no cover and put the power supply on the edges.


That damn brick! I knew it was trouble even before stubbing my toe on the thing. Hopefully it won't catch that cardboard box on fire, which would require a recall and then Microsoft will send me an even bigger brick to play with that has built-in AC. And as long as COD2 is up and running, that will be just fine.

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