XBox 360 Hacked - Full HD/Memory Card Read-Write

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Another day, another compromised closed-source project. The XBox 360 filesystem has been cracked wide open and you can now move saved games to and from your 360 using a piece of software called xplorer360, a SATA cable, and/or a hacked USB cable.


The program allows you to browse the entire 360 and even lets you drag files from your original XBox over to the 360, which, as we know, used to be impossible. There is even a new site, 360gamesaves, where you can trade saved games with others. This doesn't mean you can copy retail games, but it's a nice trick and offers up some interesting potential for future byte-diddling. [Thanks, TS]

Xplorer360 v0.9 (Beta 1): Read/Write access to Xbox 360 HD and Memcard [Xbox-scene]