XBox 360 in Short Supply?

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If you haven't pre-ordered your XBox 360 by now, you probably won't be getting your hands on that shiny white box by this holiday season — at least, if you want one from Amazon. Amazon U.S. has stopped taking pre-orders altogether, while Amazon UK and Amazon Germany posted this warning up on the product page:

We have been informed that the Xbox 360 will be in short supply on the day of release, and, unfortunately, this means we can't guarantee that pre-orders will be delivered by day of release. We are working with our suppliers to ensure that we fulfil all orders as soon as possible, and will ship the consoles as soon as we receive them.


Is Microsoft having supply-chain problems? Is this a marketing ploy? Either way, anyone who was around to see the PS2 and Xbox console launches must have suspected this would happen; just not so early. To those of you smart enough to pre-order, I salute you! For the rest of you, try getting one from eBay for an astronomically high price, or wait in line at the local Best Buy like the rest of us slackers.

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