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Xbox 360, iPod and Plasma TVs Are Going to Transform In The New Transformers Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to a leaked script, three of our favorite consumer electronics are going to do a little "transforming" in the new Transformers live action movie courtesy of Michael Bay.

The Xbox 360 game console, iPod music player, and plasma televisions are going shape-shift to become, well, we don't know what yet. Maybe the Xbox 360 will turn into a PS3, the plasma into an LCD, and an iPod into Steve Jobs?


We're undecided on this here at Giz HQ. Personally, I think this is wicked rad awesome, but some of the other guys think it's the complete opposite of that. Whatever. You guys suck. I'm telling your mommies.

A Second Look At The Transformers Script! (Contains script spoilers!) [The Movie Reporter via Gamespot]