Xbox 360 IPTV Service Not Dead, Just Sleeping (and Testing)

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An IPTV service for Xbox 360 was alluded to in a 2007 CES keynote, but it's been quiet on that front ever since. What's the deal? If you're British, you might be in luck!


At CES 2009, Microsoft Mediaroom PR reps, while doing their little spin dance, did manage to let slip that "multiple carrier field trials" were, in fact, in progress. When questioned specifically about the U.S. market, PR did their thing and asked the questioner to go bug someone else. In this case, AT&T, presumably because the carrier was considering the platform or it is in the running to support it in the U.S. with U-verse.

As for the U.K., IPTV on an Xbox 360 looks a little more certain in 2009 than for other markets. BT was confirmed as the carrier for the service in that region, with deployment possibly this year, possibly not—no details were given on timing. If trials are indeed ongoing at this very moment, however, it could bode well for a 2009 rollout (E3 fodder? Perhaps!). Just find some British friends fast if you happen to live Stateside or elsewhere.

As noted by the source, that pic from he CES show floor is Mediaroom running on a Motorola set-top box. The service will look very similar when running on an Xbox 360. [Zatz Not Funny]



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