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I know, you're still hurt and weepy from a week without an Xbox 360—and yet you didn't succumb to the schemers selling the consoles on eBay. Well check out This service, which tracks online retailers for Xbox 360 boxes, will alert you when they come back on sale. The catch? There are three levels of service: Silver is free and you'll get an email within 30 minutes to one email address; Gold is $30 and you'll get that email in up to three places in just 15 minutes with an additional $10 gift certificate; and Platinum is $60, giving you instant notification at up to 5 email addresses, also with the $10 gift certificate. Oh, and by the way, there are only 2,000 spots available in the Platinum level. The notification will be an actual link to the product page of the store that is selling it and if it's sold out by the time you get there, well at least you will keep getting inbox alerts. Now doesn't that make you feel a whole lot better?


This service definitely borders on fishy. But it looks like the Best Buy Xbox 360 Inventory Google Map is out of commission—so the options for finding an Xbox 360 are limited. Still, where have all the good Samaritan programmers gone?

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Go On Sale At Major Online Retailers! [Notify360]

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