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They say many eyes make light work, so here's another—quite possibly fake—leaked pic from the forthcoming XBox Dance Dance Revolution 360. In the early phases of gestation, it appears that the XBox is growing some vestigial organs that harken back to its PC heritage. Perhaps, as it becomes fully-formed, it will go through that awkward SGI Indigo Workstation stage? Thanks, Ben!

Anyway, dig through your old toy boxes and see if there's a cheap NES controller that looks like this and let me know. Until then, let us gaze in wonder at the technique of building consumer interest through slowly "leaked" guerilla marketing.


Update: Ravi says: "That trackball is the '360' button, the 'take me to Xbox Live so I can chat and buy things and hang out and live the CONNECTED life' button." That makes more sense, since as he also points out, it would be a pain to use at that position.