Xbox Back In Stock... For A Price

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If you couldn't grab one of the first Xbox 360 consoles, the good news is that 300,000 of them are arriving this week. Best Buy will have them on December 18. And GameStop already has the second wave in stock — only problem is that they are only selling bundles. The Titanium Bundle will run you $1,500 and comes with Xbox 360 Premium Pack, 15 games, Universal Media Remote, Wireless Controllers, two game guides and Xbox 360 Skin Gels. The Steel Bundle comes down a notch to $1,000 and basically includes the same thing except you only get 7 games, a wireless controller and no Universal Media Remote. Or, you could check out how much a flight to Japan would cost you and pick up an Xbox 360 for $331 as part of a Far East holiday. If you're going to spend $1,500, you may as well get to see the Imperial Palace and Shinjuku, right?


Xbox 360 in Stock again: GameStop Offers new Titanium and Steel Xbox 360 Bundles [14u]

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