Xbox Live Vision Camera Hands On (Verdict: Rockin')

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Kotaku's Crecente has got his hands and face all over the Xbox Live Vision Camera, taking it for a Crecente-ride in the Crecente-room. His Crecente-thoughts? Easy to use to set up a personal gamerpic. A few steps and some manual dragging and focusing later, his Crecente-mug was up as his gamerpic.

He didn't get a chance to chat with anyone with the camera, but playing Uno allowed his gamerpic to be replaced by his actual live video stream. The pic was too small to make out a lot of detail, but it's enough to get the job done. Crecente wasn't Crecente-interested in the Eye-Toy like games, but was more interested in mapping his face onto characters in games. Honestly, so are we. Who wouldn't want to have Frank from Dead Rising actually look like them? Or have their face age and scar in Fable 2?


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