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We brought you news that Sony Ericsson's first Windows Mobile smartphone would ship mid 2008, however, the guys at Sony Ericsson Blog have spotted an official Sony Ericsson webpage showing the expected release date as 10/02/2009.


Considering Sony Ericsson Blog are as reliable as a really reliable source, and that they have pointed us in the direction of an official webpage backing their claim, this looks to be solid. If true, the wow factor of the Xperia X1 just may fade a little; who knows what we may see by 2009? We'll bring you any updates as we receive them, but a delay would surely suck big time for those awaiting the Windows Mobile 6.1 running, dual touch and QWERTY sliding, sexy beast that is the Xperia X1. [Sony Ericsson via Sony Ericsson Blog]


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