Ruh oh! Yahoo has been forced to apologize after hiring scantily clad dancers for its "Hack Day" in Taiwan last weekend. These pictures (pretty tame, but not necessarily SFW) are from a now-removed video posted on its Developer Network Blog.

"Hack Days" are intended to celebrate creativity as developers race to create Web apps in less than 24 hours. And past events have had performances from Beck and Girl Talk. But hiring go-go dancers isn't exactly going to attract more women coders.

It's not much worse than some of the booth babe demonstrations I've seen, though. And don't tell anyone, but I'm a fan of those gals. [Yahoo Developer Blog via]

I wanted to acknowledge the public reaction generated by the images of female dancers at our Taiwan Open Hack Day this past weekend. Our hack events are designed to give developers an opportunity to learn about our APIs and technologies. As many folks have rightly pointed out, the "Hack Girls" aspect of our Taiwan Hack Day is not reflective of that spirit or purpose. And it's certainly not the message we want to send about our values here at Yahoo!. Hack Days are about making everyone feel welcome, including women coders and technologists.

This incident is regrettable and we apologize to anyone that we have offended. Rest assured, it won't happen again.

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