Yahoo to Stop You Logging In With Google and Facebook IDs

Use your Google or Facebook account to log in to any Yahoo services? Not much longer you don't: s0on, you'll need a Yahoo sign-in to access any of Yahoo's products.

The method of simply using a Google or Facebook account to log in to Yahoo's services has been available for years now—but not for much longer. It will first be axed on Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick 'Em—that's a fantasy college basketball thing—but it will soon disappear from all its other services too, reports Reuters.


Yahoo's motivation for the switch is unclear. Perhaps Yahoo thinks its services are now compelling enough that people are willing to sign up; perhaps it believes that now is a good time to differentiate between people who care about its products and those who don't, weeding out the quitters. Or maybe it's just a desperate grab for a boost in account numbers.

Whatever. On the plus side, having a Yahoo account will make using its products slightly better, because it'll allow for more personalization. But it's also an inconvenience, and yet another account to have hacked or hijacked. Will you sign up? [Reuters]

Image via Fotopedia

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